What you need to set up systems and work flow

Module 1

Common reasons claims don’t get paid- and how to fix that

Module 2

Insurance collections, verification, and plan types.

Module 3

Claim investigation, write-offs, collecting insurance payments, handling complaints, preventing fraud

Module 4

Patient collections, over the counter collections

Module 5

Insurance credentialing, how to handle credit balances, how to use/set up fee schedules, in-house discount plans

Module 6

Pricing options

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Meet Your Instructor

Instructor Bio:

As CEO and founder of Dental Support Essentials, I have seen firsthand the need for more formalized training for the business office staff. Over the course of the last 20 years, I have worked in all aspects of the dental practice. I sought and earned training and education in many ways including CDA certificate from the Dental Assisting National Board, Business Degree from Malone University and a Certified Fraud Examiner Certificate from the ACFE. I have trained and transformed offices over the last 20 years, I have seen that a knowledgeable staff with the proper tools truly makes the difference between profitable dental practices and those who struggle. I have created these courses to guide insurance coordinators, billers, Front office team members, and office managers through the complex issues around the non-clinical operations of the modern dental practice.

Sheri Jolly


Why is this course NECESSARY? 

  1. Your team is frustrated and overworked with billing
  2. You do not know how to leverage the billing software
  3. Learn the monthly key indicators to MEASURE collections
  4. Patience insurance guidance communication
  5. Systemized to-do list to increase efficiency

What do you get AFTER the training? 

  1. Job description for your insurance coordinator 
  2. Trained, happy insurance coordinator 
  3. Job duties for the treatment coordinator 
  4. Billing fraud clarity 


  • Will this work with my software?

    The training is very broad and should work with almost any. If you need specific training, we do have 1-1 options

  • Do you know my state insurance rules?

    Yes we do!

  • What about different types of insurance?

    Rules are different for each, and what we show you is a framework that can work with any insurance.

  • Do I get a certification?

    Yes, a certificate is issued for every course completed.

  • Will this help me get a job?

    Yes, potential employers always view job specific training a positive qualification for the job. Given that there is so little for the dental business staff, this will set you above the rest.

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